Ever since I was a child, I was drawn to humans and their connectedness.  Connectedness to themselves, others and the natural world around them.

I would thumb through the pages of my moms Best of Life coffee table book, stopping and carefully scrutinizing any image that had human subjects. I spent hours looking so closely at these pages, at the time having no idea how much this would shape me as an artist.

Some images were happy but most were full of deep emotion and told stories of heartache, pain and struggle. Those images were real, they were telling the truth.

I am called to deliver this same truth. To find the truth in people and tell their stories through my images. I want to create something that is honest, that you and generations after you will look back on and truly understand who you were.

This is something I am driven to do from within, there's really no other direction for me to take. I will make you feel at ease, I will probably make you laugh but most importantly - I will give you the freedom to be yourself. 

Atlanta based and available to travel world wide

Lifestyle starting at $400 | weddings starting at $2500 | Fine art pricing upon request

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